Steps to Enrollment

Welcome and Congratulations!

Applicants who are admitted to the Dual Degree Program between Tel Aviv University and Columbia University will have access to their acceptance materials via their Admitted Student Portal. This portal contains important, time-sensitive information about housing, student visas, Admitted Students Day, and the steps necessary to begin enrollment in the Dual Degree Program. By confirming their intent to enroll in the Fall 2024 entering class no later than May 1, admitted students will be sent additional information from Tel Aviv University after this date to help them prepare for their transition to the Dual Degree Program in the fall.

If you have specific questions or concerns about enrollment in the Dual Degree Program, we encourage you to make an appointment to speak with an admissions representative directly. 

Schedule Appointment

Submit Acceptance Reply Form and Columbia Tuition Deposit

In order to secure a place in the Fall 2024 entering class, you must send in the Acceptance Reply Form and a $555 USD deposit by May 1. To complete the form and submit your tuition deposit online, please log in to your application profile. You must reply by May 1 to secure a place in the program for the fall semester.

Submit TAU Tuition Deposit

By accepting your place in the Dual Degree Program, you will also be required to confirm your place at Tel Aviv University and pay a $1,000 tuition deposit. Your place in the program will not be secured until that deposit is submitted. More information will be sent to you from the TAU offices after May 1.

Submit Housing Application

Student housing for Dual Degree Program students is subject to availability. Because of high demand for housing in Tel Aviv, the timely submission of a housing application is strongly encouraged. Dual Degree students are guaranteed housing if they submit the housing request by May 14, 2024. Students who fail to submit their housing application by this deadline will be placed on a waitlist.

For more information on student housing at both Tel Aviv University and Columbia, visit the Housing page.

Start Visa Application

Students who do not hold Israeli citizenship must apply for a visa. Students in need of a visa are advised to begin this process as soon as possible and no later than May 15.

Columbia University Network ID (UNI)

Your UNI is the key to accessing computer services and electronic resources at Columbia, and serves as both your on-campus ID number and your email address. Your UNI will be automatically generated after your tuition deposit and acceptance reply form have been processed and the admissions reply deadline has passed on May 1. For more information, visit:

Submit Vaccination Records & Certifications

New York State public health law requires documentation of immunization for Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) and Meningococcal Meningitis. Complete your immunization requirements with Columbia’s Health Services office by visiting: 


Submit Final Transcripts

In order to finalize admissions to the Dual Degree Program, students must submit official copies of all final transcripts and test scores to the Columbia School of General Studies Office of Admissions once the academic year is complete. Official high school transcripts should show the date of graduation. Students must also submit all applicable graduation exam results (e.g., Bagrut, French Baccalauréat, International Baccalaureate (IB), Irish Leaving Certificate, A-Levels, German Abitur, etc), as well as all Advanced Placement (AP) Exam scores and college or university transcripts so that we may evaluate these documents for transfer credits. For more information visit your New Student Portal: