UNI Activation and LionMail

University Network ID (UNI)

Once you submit the Acceptance Reply Form and tuition deposit you will be assigned a Columbia University Network ID (UNI). Your UNI, consisting of your initials followed by a four-digit number, is the key to accessing computer services and electronic resources at Columbia. Your UNI serves as both your on-campus ID number and your columbia.edu email address. Your UNI also allows you to gain access to all official University email messages, restricted Columbia University Libraries information and services, student grades, billing, and registration information.

Your UNI will be automatically generated 2-3 days after your tuition deposit and acceptance reply form have been processed. Please check your admissions portal to confirm whether your acceptance reply form has been processed and to access your UNI. 

Once your UNI has been assigned, you will activate your Columbia email address by visiting uni.columbia.edu and following the instructions below:

  • Click "Activate Your UNI or LionMail Account"
  • Follow the screen instructions to set up your email account. 
    • Note: Your UNI will not be listed in the Columbia Directory until you have registered for classes.
  • First-time LionMail users should visit the CUIT website for information about accessing their account.
  • Once you have activated your account you may log in to LionMail.

LionMail is a state-of-the-art email, contacts, and calendaring system for your University email account interface.

Some of the advantages of LionMail:

  • 25 GB mail storage
  • Log in with your UNI and password
  • Desktop and mobile log-in ability
  • Access to the Columbia directory from within LionMail
  • Tag messages with multiple labels and choose from multiple importance markers
  • Fast searching, including on the full message text

Please log in to set your preferences and explore the functionality of LionMail: lionmail.columbia.edu

If you have any questions or concerns about the transition or any other information, please contact the LionMail Help Team at [email protected].