Tuition & Fees

Dual Degree students will be charged the tuition rate of the institution they are currently attending, and are awarded financial aid by the institution in which they are enrolled. Students in the first two years of the program will be charged the Tel Aviv University tuition rate, while students in the final two years of the program will be charged the Columbia University School of General Studies tuition rate.

Tuition & Fees

Tel Aviv University


Tuition and fees at Tel Aviv University are charged in U.S. dollars at the same rate for all students in the Dual Degree Program, regardless of citizenship or residency. Tuition and fees for the 2022-2023 academic year are as follows:


All students at the Columbia University School of General Studies are charged tuition on a per-point basis. The approximate average annual cost of full-time attendance at the University for the 2020-2021 academic year is as follows:

Tuition per point: $1,948

Tuition for a 30-point program: $58,440

Tuition for 17 credits or more, per term: $33,116

Fees: Total fees vary based on enrollment status. See Tuition and Fees for more information.

Approximately cost of living (room and board) and personal expenses (books, local commuting costs, and miscellaneous expenses): $26,010

Visit the GS website for more information about tuition, fees, and living expenses, including a tuition and fees chart and a cost of attendance calculator.


The total fee has to be paid in its entirety before the beginning of the program with the following exceptions: Degree and long term students may sign a deferment payment plan 'DPP' (tuition fee in installments); see details below. Degree students who take U.S. federal financial aid loans will be granted an extension until the semester’s disbursement is released by the Columbia University School of General Studies Office of Educational Financing.

Students may pay with:

  • A bank check or personal check made out to ‘Tel Aviv University’.

  • Deferred Payment Plan (DPP): An equal, interest-free payment plan is available for semester and yearlong students only. Deferred payments may be made by credit card or checks, and there is a one-time $150 DPP enrollment fee. To obtain an individualized DPP contract, log on to your online student account, or contact our office.

  • Any external scholarship that is made to a student is expected to come directly to our office. If these funds have not been disbursed to us by the time the student has to leave for Israel, they are to make sure they send TAU a copy of their award notification. TAU will adjust the student's balance automatically.

  • State of Israel Bonds, Israeli Government grants (e.g., Military Service, Aliyah etc.), and other funds in NIS – these can be used to pay a balance in Israel only.

  • 529 Plans: Tel Aviv University is an approved US 529 College Savings Plan institution.

If a student is paying their bill in Israel, they must first notify their local TAU International Office of this in writing. The office in Israel will accept payment via check or bank transfer. For more information click here and be sure to follow the instructions carefully.

More information on paying TAU tuition and fees is available on the Tel Aviv University website.

Enrolled students are billed by term. Students may view their account balance in Student Services Online (SSOL).

Payment for the term is due by the end of the University’s official Change of Program period, in accordance with the academic calendar (the end of the second week of classes for the spring and fall semesters; for summer, see the Columbia Summer website).

Charges incurred throughout the term will be billed periodically and are due by the date listed on the Student Account Statement, available in SSOL.

Payments are processed by Student Financial Services (SFS). Please visit the SFS website for specific information on payment options. For more information on tuition and fee policies, visit the School of General Studies website.