Visa Requirements

Upon confirming your intent to enroll in the Dual Degree Program, students who do not hold Israeli citizenship may be required to apply for a student visa. Your nationality determines whether or not you require a visa to enter Israel.

Israeli Students and Passport Holders
Due to frequent changes in regulations regarding returning Israelis, students born in Israel or holding Israeli citizenship or passports should contact the nearest Israeli embassy or consulate to clarify their legal status upon returning to Israel.

Non-Israeli Students
All non-Israeli Dual Degree students are required to visit his/her local Israeli Consulate or Embassy of Israel prior to his/her arrival to obtain a student visa and the required entry permit. The student visa is an A2 visa – a multiple-entry student visa (making it possible to leave Israel for a vacation and return without requiring a new visa). The visa is valid for up to one year and must be renewed after, and it is valid for multiple entrances and exits with some restrictions. Recipients of this visa are not permitted to work in Israel. It is mandatory that all students participating in programs of one semester or longer secure a Student Visa (A-2) before arriving in Israel.
More information 

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has provided a guide to help complete the visa application process: Visa Guide.

What documents will be required to support my visa application? 

You should refer to the full guidelines on your local Israeli consulate or embassy’s website relevant to your type of study. The following information summarizes some of the key requirements:

  • Your passport or other travel document, valid for at least two years
  • A letter of acceptance from Tel Aviv University, addressed to the Israeli embassy/consulate
  • For students under age 18, a notarized declaration signed by both parents
  • A visa application form, in duplicate, with one photograph attached to each copy. (These forms may be obtained from the Israeli Consulate)

Ensure that you keep copies and a record of all documents submitted.

Tracking Your Visa Application Status

Students must begin the visa process by June 1, and visa interviews must take place at their local consulates no later than August 1. It is advisable to apply as early as possible for your visa as it can take up to eight weeks for visas to be processed in the offices in Abuja, Abu Dhabi, Beijing, London, Moscow, or New Delhi. Visa applications processed through the Tel Aviv office can take up to 12 weeks particularly during busy periods.

  • If you get approval for a visa, the Embassy to which you sent your documents will add the visa to your passport.

For general visa advice or queries, please contact [email protected] and include your visa application number, your country of origin, and the course you are accepted to in the content of your email.

Immigration Procedures After You Arrive in Israel

When you arrive in Israel, immigration officers at the airport will review your passport and paperwork. Please make sure to bring all documents you have received from Tel Aviv University (e.g. acceptance letter, evidence of tuition fee payment, scholarship details or U.S. Financial Aid if applicable, evidence of private medical health insurance, accommodation details, etc.). It is important to show a complete record to the immigration officers, as you may be refused entry if they are dissatisfied with your paperwork or answers to their questions.