Transcripts and School Reports

Students applying for admission to the Dual Degree Program between Tel Aviv University and Columbia University must submit transcripts from all secondary/high schools attended, as well as any college or university transcripts, if applicable, as part of the application process. Dual Degree Program students come from a broad range of high schools and educational backgrounds, and the admissions committee is experienced in reading academic records from around the world.

Transcripts should include grades from the previous three years of secondary/high school study as well as any grades available from the current academic year (the equivalent of 9th-12th grade in the U.S.). Wherever possible, the Dual Degree admissions committee strongly encourages students and their counselors to include school profiles along with their transcripts.

The Dual Degree admissions committee also requires predicted or preliminary grades, where available, and mid-year grades, which can be submitted after the January 2 application deadline, are strongly recommended. For non-U.S. applicants, please refer to the International Academic Records section below for further details on transcript requirements. 

Applicants will have the opportunity to upload unofficial copies of these documents in the “Previous Education” section of their application.

A Note on Official Documents

Unofficial documents are only accepted as part of the application review process. If offered admission, in order to enroll, you will be required to submit official documents using one of the methods below. 

  • Official Electronic Documents: Your college or school counselor may submit your official electronic documents through See more about below.
  • E-mail: If electronic documents are not available from your high school, or your school does not participate through, students may also instruct a school administrator to email transcripts from their school email account to [email protected] and they will be counted as official.
  • Physical Mail: Mailed copies of transcripts sent directly to the Office of Admissions of the School of General Studies will be accepted. Paper transcripts may not be delivered or forwarded by a student. 

All non-English language documents must be accompanied by a certified English translation.

Students may submit unofficial documents as part of their application. However, in order to expedite the application submission process, college and academic counselors can now submit documents for their students’ applications via These documents include transcripts, test scores, and letters of recommendation. Counselors can get started by visiting the Register page on There, they can sign in directly using their Google Apps / G Suite school account, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Any colleague at an institution with an active account will be able to verify a new account. If no other active accounts exist, the verification process will be handled by Technolutions.

International Academic Records

Please consult the list below for further clarification on the types of international academic records required by the admissions committee. Note that this list is not comprehensive; if you have questions about the types of documents required for your personal academic background, please contact our offices via email at [email protected].